Monday, August 16, 2010

Independence Day at Vasant Vihar High School

Hoisting of our National Flag

The Parents, Teachers and Students Gathering on the School Ground.

The Grand Salute to our National Flag

End of the Ceremony

Students gather at the Auditorium for Independence Day Celebration

The School Principal addressing to the Students

Stage Show - Cultural Programme presented by the Pre-School Students at the School

Stage Show -
on the Eve of Independence Day

Rangoli & Cultural festive Celebration

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  1. Hi Adv. Rathod,
    My both Son and Elder daughter is studying in the School.

    The Pictures are really wonderful, everyone can have glimpse of the School from Inside. I & my wife can be seen in one of the pictures. Thanks for the good work and keep posting.

  2. Very Nice Piece of information & pictures Thanks for Sharing!


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